Ummm, how to start this?  Right, first off with introductions I suppose.  I'm Louise and much dithering I've decided to stop thinking about publishing my writing and actually get down and do it.  The story that I'm publishing here is the one that I'm writing for this years Camp Nanowrimo.

So what is Camp Nanowrimo?  Well you might (or might not have) heard of something called National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo for short.  The idea is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  This normally takes place in November but last year they launched Camp Nanowrimo, with the aim of encouraging people to write in the summer as well as the winter.  This year they're doing it in both June and August but due to family commitments (my hubby and I have a gorgeous 4 year old son) I am only able to take part in June.  August is the middle of the Summer holidays which means that I'll be on full time pre-school amusing duty!

My project is one that I had the vague idea for last Nanowrimo but for one reason and another I wasn't able to finish so I dusted it off, fiddled around with it and started rewriting.  It's a 'what if' story set in what would have been the Elizabethan era.  I decided not to try for authentically ye olde worlde dialogue because that would be as naff as anything.

Hope you enjoy reading it!

Camp Nanowrimo


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